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Kings Day 2024

The number one party day in Amsterdam is Kings Day, without a doubt, and the best way to celebrate this national orange Dutch holiday is on one of our boats during a private canal cruise! Bring all your friends, and hop aboard for an unforgettable experience on the Amsterdam canals during Kingsday.


Private Boat 🎉🪩
SCHOLLEVAAR (max. 11 guests) 11.00-14.00
GEERTJE (max. 10 guests) 11.00-14.00

• incl. drinks (beer, wines, soft drinks and juices)
• incl. captain
• incl. sound system
• Pick up & drop off at Keizersgracht 106

For private bookings please click the send inquiry button or email us at

Shared Cruise 🍾💃🏼
Very limited number of single tickets available to join our Kingsday Boat Party:

• 11.00-14.00
• €160 per person
• Incl beers, wines, soft drinks & juices
• Sound system aboard
• Fun captain
• Guests of 18 and over are welcome (unfortunately we cannot allow guests of <18)

For single tickets please book via the calendar on this page or email us at . Max group size 4 guests
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Why celebrating Kingsday in Amsterdam on a boat is the best

Seeing Amsterdam from the water gives you a unique perspective on the festivities. You will join thousands of other Kingsday celebrators on the canals, and be part of the orange whirl that takes over the town. Needless to say the boats in the Pure Boats fleet are perfect boats for a private Kingsday cruise, varying in size but all included a skilled and fun captain to be the leader of your party!

When is Kingsday in Amsterdam?

Every year on the 27th of April the Dutch celebrate Kingsday. It’s a national holiday celebrated throughout the Netherlands and Amsterdam.

What route does the canal boat take?

Our regular dock is located in the Jordaan, from where you can join the celebrations on the water and see the beautiful canal sides lined with people wearing orange!

Is there a captain to cruise the boat?

Yes, our boats come with a fun captain so you can have a great time and not worry about steering your ship through the sea of other boats ;)

What weather is it on Kingsday?

Historically April is a bit of a temperamental month. A Dutch saying is ‘April doet wat hij will’, meaning ‘April does what it wants’. Best to be prepared, and keep an eye on the forecast! All our boats can be covered in case of rain, and otherwise there are plenty of bridges to take shelter under in case of a Kingsday rainfall!

How many people can I take on a private canal cruise on Kingsday?

Depending on the boat you choose we can accomodate groups from 8 up to 45 people. Best to book your boat of choice as soon as you can, because we only have very limited time slots available and boats book out really quickly.

How much does it cost to rent a boat on Kingsday?

Boats are a sought after good on Kingsday, therefore prices go up on this day. Depending on your choice of boat, the group size and your choice of drinks the prices differ.

What’s the best boat to rent for Kingsday?

All our boats are perfect for a kingsday cruise! if the weather is nice they can be fully open, but if its raining we can easily convert them to covered boats.

Is there a toilet on the boat?

Most of our boats have a toilet aboard, except for our boat Geertje.

Why do the Dutch celebrate Kings day/what is kingsday?

King’s day is the official birthday of the King of the Netherlands. The Dutch celebrate this in a big way. It is a public holiday and a good reason to party. You cannot miss this day because the city will turn into a big orange carnival!

Why is everything orange on this day?

The reigning house of the Netherlands is the Huis Oranje-Nassau which includes “orange” in it. This is then the royal color and one of the most important symbols of the country.

What do Dutch do on Kings day? any traditions?

While partying and dancing in the streets and on the canals is a must, there is also a tradition to take your unwanted belongings to the street and sell them. No permit needed during King’s day that also turns into a big flea market (vrijmarkt).

What do Dutch eat on Kings day?

Besides traditional Dutch broodje kroket, tompouce, fries, bitterballen or stroopwafels, anything orange and tasty is a good choice to fuel your body in the middle of the party. Of course with a side of Heineken.

Fun facts about Kings day

– This is such a huge celebration that the party starts the day before with King’s night.
– The date will maybe change one day when one of the successors of King Willem Alexander will be on the throne. It will probably also be a Princess or Queen’s day!
– Most of the businesses will close but some museums usually remain open during Kings day. Check their websites before you go.
festivals are still hosted around the city with great lineups!
– The national holiday used to be ‘Queens day’ and was celebrated on the 30th of April.

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