Ultimate Guide to Autumn in Amsterdam

Are you visiting Amsterdam in autumn? Lucky you! As most travellers flock to Amsterdam in the warmer months, the fall season is an often overlooked opportunity to explore this alluring city.

Are you planning a trip to Amsterdam during the autumn season? Lucky you!
As most travellers prefer to visit Amsterdam in the warmer months, the fall season is an often overlooked opportunity to explore this alluring city.

What to expect during the fall season 

Imagine walking the streets when the city is covered in the most vibrant colours. The leaves turn yellow, orange and red while the canals become more picturesque, casting a romantic sense of the city. 

If you plan to visit in September or October, you’ll enjoy milder weather with higher temperatures and brighter sunshine compared to November. But if your lucky stars align for a November visit, don’t be put off by the city’s cloudy and somewhat moody atmosphere, it has its own charm.

Amsterdam’s visual charm is enticing, but the weather might seem a bit less inviting. The temperatures average around 12 degrees Celsius in mid-October, cooling to about 6 degrees as December nears. Worried about rain? Don’t be. Most of it falls in November. Embrace it and consider a rainy walk an essential part of your Amsterdam experience!

Explore the greens

Amsterdam is home to a multitude of beautiful parks, of which the grand Vondelpark is the best known. This large 120-acre park, right in the city centre, is more than just a park; it’s a beautiful blend of art and nature.  As you wander along its meandering paths, you’ll discover a peaceful pond, 4,700 trees of different kinds, and creatures like hedgehogs, squirrels, and storks.

But Vondelpark isn’t just about nature; it’s a place where people come together too. It features intriguing sculptures that spark conversations and is now home to Brewery ‘t IJ, a new craft brewery inside the Blauwe Theehuis. Here, the rich tapestry of Amsterdam’s culture blends harmoniously with the rustling leaves of the park. In Vondelpark, you’ll discover peace, inspiration, and a genuine taste of Amsterdam’s charm.

Top of our own list is the lesser-known Westerpark. Just off the beaten track but possibly more lively, Westerpark offers a welcoming escape from the hustle and bustle of the city’s streets. The main part of this park is made up of the old gas works, which now host various shops, restaurants, a local brewery and one of Europe’s most sustainable hotels. Leave the hectic city behind and visit Buurtboerderij ‘Ons Genoegen’ (Neighbourhood farm ‘our pleasure’), for a slice of their delicious homemade apple pie.

Dutch Autumn Fashion

Fashion is as changeable as the weather itself, going from dark and stormy to bright and sunny.

The locals, known as ‘Dutchies,’ have a strong focus on simplicity, comfort, and practicality when it comes to their style. While they might embrace some modern trends, they tend to avoid going overboard. It’s like having a laid-back casual Friday every day.

For cool places to explore some unique, locally-made clothing, make sure to visit the Nine Streets (de 9 straatjes) and Haarlemmerstraat.

Ultimate Amsterdam Markets

Autumn in Amsterdam is the perfect time for leisurely walks and discovering local goodies. In Amsterdam, there is a variety of fantastic markets, making it tough to pick just one. If you’re a fan of fresh produce and vintage treasures, you can’t go wrong with a Saturday visit to Noordermarkt.

For a more hidden gem, there’s the Sunday Market at Westerpark, happening every first Sunday of the month. Here, you will uncover locally-made souvenirs, some tasty food and a spot to enjoy warm mulled wine – the perfect way to cosy up.


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