The Flagship – Pure Spirit

Exceptional luxury on our largest boat

The Flagship of Pure Boats - Pure Spirit

The flagship of the Pure Boats collection, Pure Spirit, is a uniquely refined, exclusive and spacious electric launch. She has been fully restored by the Pure Boats design team with superyacht quality detailing, making her a head-turning, neck wrenching flagship of the Amsterdam canals. Features of Pure Spirit include a deluxe lounge seating area, marble top bar, pop up canopy, sunbed and a toilet.
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• Min. 16 guests
• Max. 20 guests
• Exclusively available in a package with Open bar and Dutch taster platter
• Extensive on board self service bar
• Custom built private launch
• Rich Mahogany and marble finishing
• Comfortable couches & sun bed
• Large marble bar area, slide out fridge and restroom
• 9-meter semi-open sloep
• Gorgeous super yacht style teak decking

Rates for private charter

• 2 hours: €470 (excl. open bar and Dutch taster platter)
• 3+ hours: €230 per hour (excl. open bar and Dutch taster platter)
• 5+ hours: €220 per hour (excl. open bar and Dutch taster platter)

About the Flagship - Pure Spirit

The story of our flagship, Pure Spirit is a special one – since the boat hasn’t always looked this way. Built in 1984 she was built as a replica of a 1940’s open launch, and used to cruise the Loch’s in Scotland for sightseeing trips, and originally named of ‘Spirit of Glasgow’. A solid build, with a glass-fibre hull and a unique but classic lines. Her sturdiness caused her to be pretty indestructible, which probably saved her, when she was abandoned after years of neglect. When we found her, on a scrapyard in Edinburgh she wasn’t the beauty she once was, to say the least!

The Pure Boats team recognized the potential, even in the state she was in, and put the biggest boat of the fleet on a trailer to Amsterdam. When she arrived at the boatyard the team was excited (and anxious) to start the work. Keeping check of the unique features of the boat, but leaving everything else, the Spirit of Glasgow was taken apart, piece by piece and reconstructed to be the Ultimate Amsterdam Canal boat. Details nor effort were spared, and the boat was built up to be a flagship of the canals with superyacht style decking, mahogany tables and a marble counter tops. With the new design a new name was quickly thought of – Pure Spirit.

The change this boat has been through is almost unbelievable, but it does show the vision of the Pure Boats team. We are so proud that she has become such a beautiful part of our fleet and the flagship of Pure Boats, and still secretly enjoy the ‘wow’ faces that people make when passing.

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The Flagship – Pure Spirit